Welcome To The Royal Gorge of Colorado!

Visit the Royal Gorge

The Royal Gorge of Colorado is located in the beautiful City of Cañon City, Colorado! The Royal Gorge itself is a unique geological feature created by both the erosive forces water and the geological uplift of the San Gre De Cristo Mountain range. The Royal Gorge is home to the Arkansas River and as such is one of Colorado’s most popular adventure vacation destinations! Don’t worry! There is plenty to see and do for the less adventurous too! Here at the Royal Gorge, visitors can experience world class whitewater rafting, the amazing zipline that actually goes across the 1200 foot abyss of the Royal Gorge proper, world-class trout fishing, mountain bike tours of Phantom Canyon, and of course the epic rock climbing of Shelf Road! So load up the family truckster, buckle up those seat belts and set your GPS to destinate at the Royal Gorge!